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Information - BSAA named after Filippov V.R.

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BSAA named after Filippov V.R. 


Buryat State Academy of Agriculture is a multi-disciplinary scientific, cultural and education centre with six faculties and three institutes, with more than eight thousand students. It is


one of the largest agricultural universities in Siberia and the Far East.

BSAA provides education in 34 specialties and fields of HPE, including 10 bachelor degrees, 25

specialist, 6 Master degrees, and since 2001, the Academy has been implementing 5 programs of vocational secondary education on the basis of agro-technical college.

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International Relations in BSAA


Since 1999 Academy has participated in 6 projects fundede by European Union: TEMPUS TACIS, ERASMUS MUNDUS in the project of Global Environment Foundation, Eurasia Program and


Fulbright USA.

More than 500 academic staff and students have participated in academic mobility for the last five years in the framework of these programs and agreements.


Every year more than 60 students from China, Mongolia and CIS countries study at BSAA. They study Russian as well as different agricultural fields.

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