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Summer school 2010

Summer school 2010

International Summer School "Sustainable forestry: European and Russian experience"

International summer school "Sustainable forestry: European and Russian experience" will be held at the Buryat State Academy of Agriculture from June 28 to July 5, 2010.

The activity is being arranged jointly by the agronomy faculty, international relations office of the Buryat State Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Faculty of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Republic of Poland. Other participants are from Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy and Austria.

The aim of the school is to introduce the participants into various issues of forestry in Europe and Republic of Buryatia. The program will include two main parts: 1) Introduction into the state of affairs in forestry and training forestry students; 2) fields trips to study mountain ecosystems in the topics of:

1) Peculiarities of mountain forestry ecosystems in Republic of Buryatia;
2) Peculiarities of climate, topography and biodiversity of European and Republic of Buryatia forests;
3) Nursery and harvesting technology;
4) Forestry products marketing;
5) Non-timber forest resources use;
6) The role of forestry ecosystems in preserving water resources;
7) Mountain forestry ecosystems in tourism development.

The first international summer school will not be limited to purely academic activities. It will also include activities that will acquaint participants with the history, lifestyle and culture of the hosting country.


June 27 – arrival and accommodation of guests, sightseeing;

June 28– Day 1 of the 1st International summer school "Sustainable forestry: European and Russian experience",

June 29 – Day 2. Participation in the ceremony of specialists diploma awarding; concert, a visit to the Forest protection Centre;

June 30 – departure to field station "Kolos" at the lake "Baikal"; a visit to coniferous tree nursery;

July 1 – field studies;

July 2 – National Park "Zabaikalsky";

July 3 – Holy Nose peninsula ecosystem;

July4 - departure.

Participants: 15 BSAA students and teachers; 2 BSAA IRO officers. 21 WULS teachers and students; 4 Czech teachers and students, 1 Italian, 2 Swedish students.




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