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Требования к статьям - English version


Guidelines for manuscripts submitted to “Vestnik of the Buryat State Academy of Agriculture named after V.R. Philippov”

All the articles submitted for publication are checked in the Antiplagiat system, sent for an independent expert examination and only in case of a positive review on the manuscript it is accepted for publication.

An author (a co-author) has a right to publish only one article in the current issue of “Vestnik of BSAA”, as an exceptional case – one more article as a contributing author.

An author should provide a letter of permission signed by the head of an organization that sponsored the research and an expert report on a manuscript publication.

An author should provide the following personal information and consent to the processing of personal data

§  Full name including last name, first name, and patronymic;

§  Academic degree, academic title;

§  Position;

§  Place of work;

§  Work address  (including postal code) and e-mail (mandatory);

§  Address for mailing  (if different from above);

§  Contact phone number.

The editorial board of the journal kindly asks authors to follow submission requirements given below. Articles which do not meet the requirements, are not accepted for reviewing.

Submission Requirements

The length of an article including tables and illustrations should not exceed 10 pages. For such journal columns as “Problems. Judgements. Brief reports” and “Heroes of the day” the length of an article should not be longer than 6 pages. Maximum number of authors should be no more than 5.

All the materials must be submitted in electronic form (* .doc /*.docx and pdf file extensions) to the e-mail address vestnik_bgsha@bgsha.ru. The main text, captions to figures should be typed in 1.5 spacing, 14-point Times New Roman; for a list of keywords, an abstract and tables use single line spacing, 12-point Times New Roman. Margins of 20 mm on each sides, pages are to be numbered consecutively at the bottom centre.

General requirements of a manuscript: an UDC number; author’s or authors’ name(s), a title of an article in bold capital letters, a list of keywords, an abstract, a main text, and a reference list.

An abstract should meet the requirements of the GOST (State Standard) 7.9-95 System of standards on information, librarianship and publishing. An abstract and an annotation. General requirements. The recommended abstract volume is 200-250 words.

Author’s or authors’ name(s), a title of an article, a list of keywords, and an abstract are also given in English.

The text of an article should include: introduction, terms and methods of research, results of research and their discussion, conclusions and recommendations.

Scientific terminology, notations, units of measurement, and symbols should strictly follow the requirements of the state standards.

Mathematical and chemical formulae as well as signs, symbols and notations should be typed in the equation editor.

In the formulae relative sizes and positions of symbols and indices should comply with their value and overall content of the formulae.

Tables, diagrams and pictures should be given after the paragraphs containing a reference to them.

The Reference list is to be arranged and numbered in the order of citation in the text regardless of the name and language of the source. The reference list should be complied with the requirements of the GOST 7.0.5-2008 System of standards for information, librarianship and publishing. Bibliographic record. Bibliographic entry. General requirements and reference for lists formatting. A reference number in the text is given within square parentheses, e.g. [2]. In the Reference list all the sources are provided in the source languages and in English (link to examples of reference arrangement).

It is recommended to include scientific articles, monographs, collections of articles, collections of conferences proceedings, electronic resources with indication of accessed dates, patents in the list of references. The total number of sources is at least 15. It is advisable to use sources published over the past 5-7 years. Concerning the self-citation percentage, it should be no more than 25% of the total number of sources. References list does not include: inaccessible literature (reports, notes, protocols), textbooks and teaching aids, normative and legislative acts (regulations, laws, instructions, GOSTs,  etc.), as well as low volume sources ( 0.5-1 pages). All such sources are provided with marginal notes, formatted accordingly.

The publication in the journal is carried out on a paid basis. The cost of 1 published page is 250 rubles. Publication of articles of postgraduate full-time students are free of charge on conditions of certificate confirming them taking postgraduate courses. If a postgraduate student is published with co-authors who have an academic degree and title, the coauthors pay for it.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject manuscripts that do not meet the above-mentioned requirements.

The journal is included:

 - in the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications recommended by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for publication of the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Sciences, for the degree of Doctor of Sciences;

 - in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) with placement of full-text versions on the website of the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU

The journal is registered in the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media.

Number of Certificate of Registration in Mass Media is ПИТУ03-00039 of January 29th, 2009 


Editorial Office Address:

8 Pushkin St., Ulan-Ude, 670024, Republic of Buryatia, Russia

Editorial Office phone numbers: 

8 (3012) 44-13-89, 44-26-96

Davydova Oxana Yuryevna

E-mail: vestnik_bgsha@bgsha.ru

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